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What we do:

Belong to Jesus and share life together: Like ordinary families, missional families take time to celebrate with each other what God is doing in our lives. We regularly practice hospitality. We throw parties and share meals. We take breaks and rest.

Mature: Missional Families are not a small group, but they do study Gods word and hold each other accountable to how they are trusting Jesus and being transformed by his Spirit. Families help each other mature emotionally and spiritually.

Love and Serve: Missional Families are organized around mission. Just like Jesus was sent to the world, he sends us into the world by the power of his Spirit to make disciples. Service is not just a project, but an organizing principle. We weave the BLESS practices into our family life.

Multiply and move: Because missional families are intentional about loving their neighbors and sharing the Gospel, they are growing and finding new places to multiply families.


Each missional family has two leaders, and at least one apprentice. While Missional Families are not meetings, there is an expectation that they would meet regularly. This often requires a host to organize those gatherings.

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