Central to Common Place College Ministry are two non-negotiables.

One: Believing in and following after Jesus is essential to a relationship with God, purpose in this life, and eternal life to come.  This is hindered by our bad choices which the Bible calls sin.  Jesus offers us a gift, forgiveness and restoration, that cannot be earned by being a "good person."  We receive this gift by putting our full weight (think faith) in Jesus alone for salvation.  We do not nor cannot merit this gift. It is given by grace, the unmerited favor of God.

Two:  That involvement and membership in a local group of people who are also following Jesus is central to a growing relationship with Him, ourselves, and others.  This is not being a fan. Church is not a spectator sport, rather it is being the church, a people that has places to meet, but are not the places themselves.

Common Places Church - passion for college students
What We are About and Why

Common Places Church has a rich history and passion for college students. Starting from opening of a coffee shop church location and committing staff and resources to help LHU students trust Jesus.  How does this paly itself out in college ministry?

Our Vision as a Church and a College Ministry
Trust Jesus, Be Transformed, Start Churches - For Students this means Fulfilling Their God-Given Destiny so that they can Change the World.

Trust Jesus - Whether discovering the reality of who Jesus is for the very first time, or learning to put the full weight of one's life in Jesus, trusting Jesus is fundamental to all of life.

Be Transformed - Jesus loves us unconditionally, accepting us into relationship with Him not based on what we do but what He has done.  This means that our old way of doing things changes as we adapt into and become a part of God's family.  A new life as a member of the family of God means new attitudes, ways of thinking, being and doing.

Start Churches - Once you begin to experience the family of God you naturally want to invite others into community; that is to trust Jesus and be transformed by Him. This results in new family groups, what the bible calls Church.  Churches are made up of people who have trusted Jesus. Though churches gathe they are not just the gathering or service.  They are so much more!

Meet the Staff & Student Leaders
Connor Jackson
Student Leader

Major: Communications

Favorite food: Chicken Alfredo

Color: Blue

Game: Chess

Craziest Thing I Have Ever Done: Not put my faith in Jesus

Top on your bucket list: Create foundations and charities to promote Jesus and serve the lost and poor.

Why Commonplace: Commonplace felt the most like home to me within the first couple months on campus. The college ministry is very strong making it easy to connect with other students who attend on Sundays and at Wednesday night Bible studies. I have learned a lot from the people that are in the church. I am excited for the future here!

Bill & Heidi Corbin
College Pastor, Common Places Church

Married for 26 years, Bill and Heidi have dedicated their lives to working with college students.  Whether fun events, moments of crisis, or learning about Jesus, they have a deep desire for students to trust Jesus and be transformed resulting in students telling their peers, professors, and people everywhere about the life changing reality of Jesus.

Bill loves most of all Heidi, his kids, hanging out with students over coffee, the bible, questions, reading books, or having a fun time in general.  He loves the Mandalorian, Star Wars, and watching movies.

Heidi is a Jr. High Spanish teacher.  She grew up in Mexico as a missionary kid.  She loves Latin music, Mexican food, and long walks.

Together Bill and Heidi have 5 Kids.