Central to Common Place College Ministry are two non-negotiables.

One that beleiving in and following after Jesus as the person who provides true life through forgivness and grace, transformation and life purpose, and renewal of all things is the way is the core reality to believe.

Two, that involvement and membership in a local group of people following Jesus, also know as the local church, is essential to college students discovering and growing in faith and purpose.  This is not being a fan, church is not a spectator sport, rather it is being the church, a people that has places to meet, but are not the places themselves.

Common Places Church - passion for college students

Common Places Church has a rich history and passion for college students starting from its founding, opening of a coffee shop church location, and committing staff and resources to help LHU students trust Jesus, be transformed, and start churches.  How does this committment and these values get applied in college ministry?

Our Vision as a Church and a College Ministry
Trust Jesus, Be Transformed, Start Churches

Trust Jesus

  • For students who grew up in the church, college can either be a time of owning a personal faith or potentially walking away from faith all together.  Trusting Jesus means intellectualy honest and transparent conversations.
  • Many students grew up in spiritually nuetral 

Be Transformed

Start Churches

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