How do you grow in your Relationship with Jesus and as a person who has the image of God stamped on them?  Here are a few ways:

  • Learn how to pray to God and how to study the bible.  Praying does not always come easily and the Bible is a very unique book or God's self revelation.  We'd love to help you in anyway in how to do this.
  • Gather together with other family members.  This is often called "going to church" but in actuality the church is the people.  We gather at least once a week for teaching from God's word the Bible. worship of Jesus as God's son through giving and musical worship, and for family time as the church.
  • Serve the family of God through a variety of ways.  Whether helping new people feel welcome on Sunday AM, or helping with kids, or helping to lead worship, there are a variety of ways to serve.  You can also help with leading and mentoring the youth or serve in other capacities during the week.
  • Join a collegiate Bible study or triad.. Each week we gather in small groups for more indepth study, prayer, and encouragment.  Currently this happens on Wednesday 6:00pm Upstairs at Ave 209 Coffee and   Triads are groups of 3; 2 students and a mentor, who meet sporadicaly for encouragement, very specific and personal development, as well as accountability.

If you have questions or need any help in growing contact us a