All of us, in our honest moments, would admit we are looking for something fun to occupy our spare time and friends to do life with.  In a more subtle way, often in way that we are not even aware of, we are looking for something to believe in, to have faith in.  That could be a degree, a job, a relationship, entertainment, a future spouse, money, sports, sex, or even video games.  Where fun and friendship are often easier to come by, faith can be much harder to find, after all we have been burned in the past by putting our trust in the wrong things.

Here at the Common Place Church College Ministry we love to have fun and develop lasting and life changing friendships.  We also believe that developing and exploring faith should be fulfilling, impactful, and done in a way that allows for dialogue in a safe environment.  

So welcome, as a college student make yourself at home here at Common Place.  You'll find a wide variety of opportunities for fun, finding friends, and a community where you can find a robust and resilient faith.

College Community Summer Study - The Life of Paul
Zealot, Killer, Transformer, Author.

Paul was an amazing Man of God, second only to Jesus on influence of the Christian Church.  Paul's beginnings are not nice and sirene, he persecuted the early church, imprisoned many, and killed some.  How does God transform this zealot in Pastor, Preacher, Prophet?  Join us Monday's to find out.  In the process you will discover the gospel has no limits, that nothing on our past can keep us from Jesus, and that unlimited grace knows no hindurance in transforming lives.

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Proud Sponsor of "LEAGUE of LEGENDS"
September 24-26, 2021
In ages past people of renown banned together into clans, engaged in battles of strength, spirit and mind in order to become known as the League of Legends.  Join with your friends into clans to battle for ultimate bragging rights, to be known as LHU's League of Legends.  This is a weekend of paintball, a spartan race, and many other fun & challenging events that will bring your strength to the breaking point, your spirit to soaring heights, and your mind to the sharpness of a true person of legacy, loyalty, and liberty.  $75 gets you all this plus housing, food, and swag.  


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