Life happens in common places; a dorm room, dining hall, a professor's office, or in the gym.  How does Jesus and faith intersect with real life in the common places?  Join us in transparent, intellectually honest, conversations about faith, life, and what really matters.  


Everyone Follows Someone or Something
The question is are you following someone worth it or are you wasting your time?

Come hear in the month of January why we follow Jesus.  He is worth following, plus He tells us in clear terms what it means to follow Him with our whole lives.



Times & Locations
Be That Person...
Who brings a smile to people when you say "Hello!" Or better yet, that person that everyone hates to say "Goodbye" too.
Relationships; friendships, family, dating or marriage, bosses, professors, and many others.  All can bring incredible meaning and purpose to life.  All have their nuances and pitfalls.   In this series we will explore "Everyday" interactions with the people in our daily spheres of influence.  Along the way we will look at biblical principles and truths that will help us grow, care, encouage, resolve conflict, and increase in love.  Most of all we will discover a new depth to our "Everyday" relationship with Jesus.
Times & Locations

Weekly Rhythms & Communities

Following Jesus is not a solo endeavor. Rather it is a communal journey of students and adults towards richness and fulness in Jesus!

Sunday Lunch after Church
Sunday lunch will be available after the gathering.  Join us for great food and friendship & please bring a friend if you can.  Text Katie @ 317.847.0049 for location & time.
Collegiate Bible Study
Studying the Bible is a team sport.  Join us for friendship and community, and an intellectually honest and transparent conversation about faith. Wednesday, 6:00pm, Ave 209.  Dinner included.
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