Life happens in common places; a dorm room, dining hall, a professors office, or in the gym.  How does Jesus and faith intersect with real life in the common places?  Join us in transparent, intellectually honest, conversations about faith, life, and what really matters.  

Here at Common Place we love having fun, finding friends, and discovering faith.  FAITH is often more elusive, something we can be unaware of, but without it we are not complete people.  Somtimes we put faith in a degree, a job, a relationship, entertainment, a future spouse, money, sports, sex, or even video games.  Where fun and friendship are often easier to come by, faith can be much harder to find.  Here at Common Place College Ministry you will find a conversation of faith that is a dialogue amongst friends where questioning is invited.

Fall, Fun, Gathering
Join us for pumpkin carving, paintball, games, and food of course! Lots of fun time around the fire with friends and friends to be made!

Starting at 6pm @ 88 Cedar Heights, Mill Hall

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Camp League of Legends - Preview Event
November 13, 2021, 2-5pm, LHU REC
Join us for an insiders look at all things Camp League. Answer the question, "Can you have a legendary life with minimal regret?"

You've heard the buzz, now experience Camp League of Legends.  This November join us at the LHU REC for dodge ball, volley ball, and other indoor games.  Put a team of six (50/50 men & women) or come and get conected with others for tournaments, prizes, and a ton of fun.  Prizes will include Amazon gift cards, gas cards, and other fun swag items.  Can you be a legned with a legendary life of minimal regret?  Find out how!

Why You Should Believe
...and why everything is trying to influence us not to.

John, friend of Jesus, wrote to people not unlike you and me.  People living in a pluralistic and truth avoiding culture.  Absolutes were nonexistent, but racism, political upheaval, societal decay and broken families were.  Join us as we look at how to believe from the Apostle John.  Wednesdays, 8pm, Avenue 209 Coffee Shop.

Are You Blessed?

Sometimes we do seem to be, other times not so much.  Jesus tells us how to be blessed but what He says might surprise you.  Join us either at Ave 209 at 9:30 or the Roxy at 10 to hear "Who is Really Blessed! - A Sermon Series on Jesus' Beatitudes."

Connect with Fun, Friends, Faith

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