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Here at Common Place College Ministry we believe in asking lots & lots of questions about life, reationships, faith, the Bible, and especially about Jesus; who He is, what He is doing, what He desires for us, and how we join with Him in bringing about good in this world.  To that end we welcome and pursue conversation that is transparent and intellectually honest.  A big part of this is about learning individually and collectively.  Below are a number of online resources to help you in this pursuit.

Who is Jesus?


What does it mean to "be saved?"

Is the Bible reliable and how do you study and read it?

How to Read the Bible - BibleProject

BibleGateway - online study tool

Is the Bible Full of Errors?

How the Bible got Compiled

Why You Should Trust the Bible - John Piper

How do you develop a Relationship with Jesus?

How and why do we pray?

What are the core truths that make a follower of Jesus distinct?

Who is the Holy Spirit and why it matters?

How to stop being a good person.

The Church: what is it and why should I be involved?

Why should I get baptized (or rebaptized)?

Telling others about your faith in Jesus.